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Dear customer,
Welcome and thank you for using the Online Excavation Services of Omantel.

The user name and the password entered are sole responsibility of the subscribers. Omantel is neither liable nor has any obligation in case of loss or fraud or misuse or exchange from one to another, of your user name and password. In any case, there shall be no direct or indirect claim entertained and it shall not relieve the subscriber of his/her payment obligations towards Omantel.

1.The Following documentations are required in support of this application:
    1.1 Site plan showing the location, drawing, coordinates and size of the excavation.
    1.2 Site coverage calculations, when applicable.
    1.3 RO. 15.75 Nonrefundable administration fee for Government and Company.
    1.4 RO. 5.25 Nonrefundable administration fee for Individual.
    1.5 Proof of application fee deposit in Omantel counter.
    1.6 Site Visit fee if required:
        -Site Visit fee is applicable for ministries/companies only for OMR 50. Extra OMR 50 will be added per night if the visit requires an overnight stay or 300 Km away from excavation permit issuing offices at Muscat/Salalah.
    1.7 Site visit fee if applicable shall be paid prior to issuing the Excavation permit. It will be calculated based on the number of site visits and the overnight stay/300 km if applicable. Amount shall be marked by the Supervision offices before submitting the fees to the Omantel counters for payment.
    1.9 Project design in AutoCAD CD (Applicable for ministries/companies).

2.The site visit inspection date will be scheduled in 7 working days from the application�s receipt date.

3.This permit�s validity is six (6) months from its issuance date and it may be renewed - if required- by submitting a new application.

4.Insurance is optional, with the following conditions:

A. The concerned company/person has the option to apply for insurance so that they may be protected against any accidental cable damage or any other damage incurred on the omantel network.
B. If the applying company/person do not prefer providing insurance then they are obligated to sign a declaration of liability provided by the appropriate staff member.

5.Insurance (Optional):
The applicant shall furnish an appropriate insurance policy (or policies) in the joint names of Omantel and the applicant to cover among other things Third Party Liability, Personnel Injury and Property Damage (including underground cables and utilities) as per the following guidelines:

It is recommended to provide A certificate of valid insurance cover to Omantel to cover the above risks. The sum insured should not be less than RO. 20,000 (RO. Twenty Thousand).

A blanket insurance policy is acceptable subject to the condition that it shall cover the entire excavation related works.

�insurance policy should be valid for a minimum period of six months or until the completion of excavation work or whichever is later�
The insurance policy will include waiver of subrogation clause in favor of Omantel and also should explicitly state that Omantel property would be construed as third party property.
In the event the Insurance policy has a deductible clause, the applicant is responsible to indemnify Omantel for any amount of deductible withheld by the Insurance company.
It should be noted that above limits are meant as guidance only and that Omantel reserves the right to increase the above limit depending on the size and scope the excavations.
In addition, the applicant is also solely responsible to indemnify Omantel for any loss of revenue & applicable penalties resulting to traffic interruption directly caused by the applicant or his representative during excavation

6.Excavation permit will be received at the supervision team office at Muscat and Installation & repair offices at Sohar, Ibra, Ibri, Salalah, Sur and Al-Burimi.

7.Process & site visit fees will be received at Omantel counters at Zaker Mall, Ruwi, Ibri, Al-Khod, Salalah, Ibra, Sur, Nizwa, Al-Burimi, Sohar and Omantel head quarter(Mawaleh).

8.Permit Excavation will be issued from Supervision Team at Muscat and Salalah.

9.Omantel will not issue the excavation permit if the applicant has already completed the work without prior approval. Instead Omantel reserve the rights to impose penalties in case of network interruption/damages.

10.For further inquiries contact Supervision Team on Tel: 24241122.

     11.1 Mosques
     11.2 Social beneficiary (applicant to provide the beneficiary card)
     11.3 Contractors for Omantel project
     11.4 Consultant
12.Declaration of liability:
I agree (s) to indemnify and hold harmless Omantel in respect of any loss of revenue, injury or damage (including to underground cables and utilities) occurring in connection with excavation and TO reimburse Omantel for any damage, injury or loss including but not limited to loss of revenue, restoration costs, injury or other damage directly caused by us, our contractors or our representatives during the course of the excavation project.
It is further agrees that Omantel reserves the right to assess such damage or loss and hold violator liable for the assessed damage.